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Sat, Apr 27 7:00 PM
The Royal Cinema

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Sun, May 5 1:30 PM
Bloor Hot Docs Cinema

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85 minutes | USA  | English  | Canadian Premiere | Rating: PG

It’s January 20, 1969. As Richard Nixon prepares to take the oath of office, three of his closest associates fire up their cameras. Young, idealistic and dedicated, they had no idea that a few short years later they’d find themselves in jail. Obsessed with Super 8 home movies, Special Assistant Dwight Chapin, Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman and Domestic Affairs Advisor John Ehrlichman set out to capture everything with the enthusiasm of novice aficionados: Nixon’s historic visit to China, man’s landing on the moon, the Vietnam War protests…until the Watergate scandal broke. The footage, over 500 reels, confiscated by the FBI as part of the investigation, inexplicably sat forgotten for decades in a government office until now. Mixed with interviews and audio recordings from the original Watergate tapes, this personal and intimate film record is a fascinating and unique look at the Nixon era.

Co-Presented with Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ)

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Penny Lane

Brian Frye
Penny Lane

Executive Producer(s)
Rebecca Ritchie Brower
Dan Cogan
Jenny Raskin
Louis Venezia

Francisco Bello

Hrishikesh Hirway

Tom Paul

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