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POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold


Thu, Apr 28 7:30 PM
Winter Garden Theatre

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Fri, Apr 29 5:15 PM
Isabel Bader Theatre

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90 minutes | USA  | English  | Canadian Premiere | Rating: G

How can a documentary become a blockbuster? Observing that all big Hollywood movies rely on product placements to generate mass awareness, Morgan Spurlock and producing/writing partner Jeremy Chilnick set their sights on the advertising world for their new project, a doc-buster built on branding. Spurlock, you may recall, has already brought us the closest thing to a doc-buster in Super Size Me, in which he gorged on the McDonald’s menu, prodding the company into changing it. Here he buys into marketing mania to tease out the myriad methods by which products are woven into the fabric of corporate entertainment. Playing the game, but rigging it too, Spurlock sharpens our senses to the branding barrage. Yet, if in the process, one develops a hankering for a tastefully tempting POM Wonderful, well, that simply speaks to the forces we’re up against in reclaiming ad-free cultural and urban spaces.

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Morgan Spurlock

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Morgan Spurlock
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Morgan Spurlock

Jeremy Chilnick
Morgan Spurlock

Daniel Marracino

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