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The Punk Singer


Mon, Apr 29 9:30 PM
The Royal Cinema

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Wed, May 1 8:00 PM
Hart House Theatre

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Fri, May 3 6:30 PM
Scotiabank 3

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80 minutes | USA  | English  | International Premiere | Rating: 14A

It’s impossible to write this film description without putting on one of my most treasured CDs and turning up the volume—on Bikini Kill. At long last, we have the highly anticipated documentary on Kathleen Hanna, lead singer of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre, who became synonymous with the riot grrrl movement and one of her generation’s most outspoken feminist icons. Through 20 years of archival footage and very personal interviews, director Sini Anderson brings to light an intimate side of the fearless Hanna, whose music and leadership still inspires today. A powerhouse San Francisco performance poet, producer and director, as well as co-founder and artistic director of Sister Spit, Anderson shares with Toronto audiences a never-before seen view of this punk icon in the international premiere of The Punk Singer. Heather Haynes

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