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79 minutes | USA  | English  | International Premiere | Rating: PG

No one really reads the terms and conditions connected to every website they visit, phone call they make or app they download. After watching this provocative exploration of what actually lies between the lines of those tiny-font agreements, however, you may just hurl your computer out the window and take to a cave. With fascinating examples, comical gags and terrifying facts, filmmaker Cullen Hoback investigates what governments and corporations are doing with your “personal” information. Regardless of privacy settings, data is being collected and behaviour is being monitored—as you read this, in fact—leaving the future of civil liberties uncertain. But are we really living in such a dystopian conspiratorial world? From whistle blowers and investigative journalists to zombie fan clubs and Egyptian dissidents, this disquieting exposé demonstrates how every one of us has incrementally opted into a real-time surveillance state, click by click. Myrocia Watamaniuk

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