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Tiny: A Story About Living Small


Sun, Apr 28 9:15 PM
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Mon, Apr 29 4:00 PM
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Sun, May 5 1:30 PM
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62 minutes | USA  | English  | International Premiere | Rating: G

A small—but growing—movement of tiny-house dwellers believes a smaller house equals a bigger life. Couple and first-time filmmakers Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller test their DIY abilities and their sense of personal space when Christopher indulges his dream of constructing a fully detached house with a footprint smaller than a parking space. Merete may not share his dream but gamely participates in both the construction and visual documentation of Christopher’s project. Through conception to completion, Chris’s tiny house becomes the frame for a broad exploration of personal values as they apply to time, money, life and most importantly, home. Like a perfectly realized tiny house, Christopher and Merete’s documentary is compact, economical and elegant, a fitting testament to the spirit of the tiny house movement and the DIY trend in non-fiction filmmaking. Merrie Whitmore

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