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TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard


Mon, Apr 29 6:30 PM
Scotiabank 4

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Tue, Apr 30 8:00 PM
Hart House Theatre

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Sun, May 5 4:00 PM
The Revue

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82 minutes | Sweden  | (Subtitled) Swedish English  | Canadian Premiere | Rating: PG

Three reluctant young vigilantes, founders of the world’s largest file sharing site, the Pirate Bay, find themselves entangled in a bitter battle with Hollywood. At stake: the future of the Internet. The legal question is how governments should deal with copyright in the Internet age. The practical one is whether Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij and Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, the three co-defendants in this copyright infringement lawsuit, should pay millions of dollars in penalties and even be sent to jail. Change is inevitable—using websites like the Pirate Bay, millions of Internet users exchange movies every day without paying producers and distributors their share. But for now Hollywood is determined to stop them. This fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the controversial court case explores the issues a new generation of media consumers has brought into question: free Internet, free speech and the future of creativity in the digital age.

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