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United in Anger:  A History of ACT UP


Wed, May 2 9:30 PM
Cumberland 3

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Fri, May 4 2:59 PM
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Sun, May 6 1:15 PM
The Revue

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93 minutes | USA  | Canadian Premiere | Rating: PG

Electrifying, never-before-seen archival footage pushes us into the frontlines of early AIDS activism, one of the most empowering grassroots movements in recent history. Two days after Larry Kramer’s 1987 passionate speech that warned the audience that, unless they fought for change, half of them would die of AIDS within six months, a diverse group of 300 men and women galvanized to form the radical, messy and extremely effective umbrella of ACT UP and its affinity groups. Motivated to the extreme, many had never protested before, but they quickly mastered the art of headline-grabbing media actions that forced attention from an apathetic government, made AIDS a national issue and fought for fair access to treatment. United in Anger captures the power, sexiness and irreverent energy of a movement that redrew the map of AIDS politics, shook up the world and saved the lives of millions. Gisèle Gordon

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