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Where Heaven Meets Hell


Fri, Apr 27 7:00 PM
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Sat, Apr 28 11:00 AM
The ROM Theatre

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Sat, May 5 7:15 PM
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80 minutes | USA  | (Subtitled) Indonesian English  | North American Premiere | Rating: PG

By the hundreds, independent sulphur miners ascend Kawah Ijen, an active volcano in Indonesia, for insignificant pay based on the weight of the sulphur they mine each day. Grueling physical labour and toxic billowing smoke wear down their bodies. Unable to afford protective gear, the miners are completely exposed to the harsh elements, breathing in the sulphuric gases and carrying the sulphur on their backs. First-time filmmaker Sasha Friedlander follows four of these miners, who struggle daily to feed their families and aspire to provide their children with a chance for a different future. Friedlander thoughtfully contrasts the miner’s village as a place of peace, spirituality and hope with the treacherous yet breathtaking beauty of the volcanic landscape as a place of pain and struggle. Where Heaven Meets Hell gives a voice to a community plagued by poverty and lack of education, desperate to break through their seemingly insurmountable constraints. Lynne Crocker

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Sasha Friedlander

Sasha Friedlander

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Sasha Friedlander
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Sasha Friedlander

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David Osit

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