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Wiebo’s War


Sat, Apr 30 8:00 PM
Isabel Bader Theatre

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Tue, May 3 8:15 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox 4

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Sat, May 7 8:00 PM
The Regent

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94 minutes | Canada  | English  | North American Premiere | Rating: 14A

Big Oil calls convicted 1990s oilpatch saboteur Reverend Wiebo Ludwig an eco-terrorist and portrays him as a patriarchal cult leader. He calls himself a devout Christian driven to defend his Trickle Creek farm from the deadly effects of toxic sour gas wells. Now there’s a new series of gas well bombings, and the RCMP and media are back. David York takes his camera into the heart of Ludwig’s Christian community to create a powerful film about two decades of conflict. Film shot by the Ludwigs chronicles a litany of horrors: livestock deaths, mass miscarriages of lambs and of human babies with similar deformities, severe reactions to gas flares, and desperate attempts to reach government agencies. Their footage of confrontations with gas workers and police, and its stark contrast with media reports, raises a critical issue: when politicians and police become sock puppets for private interests, is vigilante action justified? Lynne Fernie

Screening with Danger

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