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  • FREE for Grades 7 – 12
  • Only ONE TEACHER per school may book
  • Teacher becomes our contact and will manage film use within the school
  • Teacher may only book once; no changes or additions once booking is submitted and confirmed
  • Be sure to involve your colleagues in the selection process
  • You may select up to 8 of the 10 films
  • Films are sent as online links with password
  • Each film includes a free education package
  • Films include option to view with captions

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Why Docs For Schools films are NOT rated:

    • Each teacher is unique in how and what they teach
    • Variation in maturity level and diversity of students
    • Variation in school administration and community culture
    • Films are sent in advance for teachers to preview. If not suitable, you do not need to show it but we want you, the teachers, to determine this.
  • Some films will note “Recommended High School.” This does not exclude a grade 8 teacher from select, but please be aware that the film content, length and style may not be suitable.
  • When available, the film’s trailer and website are noted, and teachers are encouraged to Google for film reviews

Questions regarding content or suitability? Please contact Lesley Sparks at [email protected].


Chef Flynn 02


  • USA
  • 83
  • Cameron Yates

Life as a prodigy can be rough. Flynn McGarry, teen chef and subject of breathless media attention, learns this lesson quickly as the world discovers his boundless talent for creating gastronomic delights far beyond his years. From serving exquisite menus to guests in his living room at 10 to staging under some of the world's top chefs at 15, Flynn is unwavering in his desire to share his culinary skills with increasingly eager diners. But with fame comes attention, not all of it favourable. Flynn navigates an uncertain ascent, documented by his supportive mother's ever-present camera—sometimes to his annoyance. Director Cameron Yates captures lightning in a bottle, melding personal archive with intimate new vérité footage to reveal Flynn's singular focus and deep commitment to his craft. He's a passionate young man on a mission to challenge the hierarchy of the culinary world.

Fashions Dirty Secret 2


  • UK
  • 58
  • Emeka Onono

Executive Producer: Wendy Rattray | Producer: Allanah Langstaff

Looking at the social and environmental implications of fast fashion, this film aims to raise awareness of the demands consumers are putting on the planet when they participate in this billion-dollar industry. How toxic chemicals released by the garment industry are polluting waterways that millions of people rely on. We will see the former Aral Sea once one of the largest bodies of fresh water now reduced almost entirely to dust. The doc challenges the viewer to make a difference, starting with their own closet.

Inventing Tomorrow 2


  • USA
  • 52
  • Laura Nix

In English, Spanish & Indonesian, with English subtitles.

With the planet facing multiple environmental threats, brilliant young minds from around the world are working on innovative solutions to stave off crises in their communities. The brightest of these students have one destination in mind to showcase their work: the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, the world’s largest high school science competition. Focusing on a small handful of teens representing Hawaii, Indonesia and India, Inventing Tomorrow follows their journeys as they work out the intricate mechanics of their presentations in the lead-up to the competition. These students represent the hope and ingenuity of a burgeoning generation; winning the competition may be their immediate goal but changing the world for the better is the ultimate prize.

Film Website

Price Of  Everything  Koons


  • USA
  • 98
  • Nathaniel Kahn

Recommended for High School

A feast for the eyes, the film looks at the modern art market and the individuals behind it. Featuring seasoned artists, as well as up-and-comers, this film considers the meaning of “value” in every sense of the word. Go behind the scenes of a multi-million-dollar art auction, international art museums, and into the homes of collectors to learn about the wild world in art in today’s consumerist society.

Film Website

Rumble The Indians Who Rocked The World 1


  • Canada
  • 102
  • Catherine Bainbridge

Recommended for High School (clean version)

Winner of the Hot Docs Audience Award and Rogers Audience Award for Best Canadian Documentary, Rumble reveals an essential and, until now, missing chapter in the history of popular music: the Indigenous influence. Lifting the veil on the enormous impact made by First Nations and Native American musicians including Robbie Robertson, Link Wray, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Charley Patton, Jimi Hendrix, Jesse Ed Davis and more, Rumble celebrates their genre-changing and undeniably catchy influence. Blending audio archives, concert footage and interviews with industry icons from Tony Bennett to Steven Tyler and Martin Scorsese, this Hot Docs and Sundance award–winner is an unforgettable and political exploration of a musical history that was silenced for too long.

Film Website

Speed Sisters 4


  • Palestine, USA, Qatar, Denmark, UK, Canada
  • 80
  • Amber Fares

Recommended for High School | In English & Arabic, with subtitles.

Strap on your helmet and buckle up! This high-octane film stars the Middle East’s first all-women race car team. Marah, Mona, Betty, Noor and their manager Maysoon—each bold, fearless and charismatic in their own unique way—are part of an emerging speed racing scene that has seen contests between cities on the West Bank and drawn thousands of avid spectators, despite the constant danger from the Israeli occupation. Director Amber Fares takes us into the drivers’ homes and lives, following them as they attempt to join the ranks of the male drivers in the newly formed racing federation. The women compete against each other for both the title of “Fastest Woman Driver” and the right to race against the men. Overcoming social expectations, community politics and family dynamics—not to mention movement restrictions and checkpoints from the Israeli military—these women shatter stereotypes about Arab women and offer a source of inspiration for girls and women around the world.

Film Website

To The Orcas With Love


  • Canada
  • 56
  • Natalie Lucier

Environmentalist Rob Stewart’s invitation to rise up and create the world we dream for ourselves serves as the backbone for these stories of personal connections with orcas. With beautiful cinematography featuring BC’s resident orcas, this film has an uplifting tone and serves as a call to action to protect these beautiful animals and their habitat.

Film Website

Toad People


  • Canada
  • 53
  • Isabelle Groc
  • Mike McKinlay

Every year in early summer, thousands of fingernail-sized juvenile western toads must migrate from the wetlands where they’re born to the forest where they live, in the rural community of Ryder Lake in Chilliwack, BC. The only problem is that there’s a highway running between the two. Members of the community have taken it upon themselves to aid the toadlets make the journey safely, helping to preserve the species against all odds.

Film Website

What Tomorrow Brings 8


  • USA
  • 52
  • Beth Murphy

In Dari & English, with English subtitles

In a remote village in Afghanistan is an all-female school, founded and led by spirited humanitarian Razia Jan. In a nation where education for young women is difficult to access and the dropout numbers are high, Jan puts literacy at the forefront, encouraging the girls in their pursuit of knowledge, independence and understanding. Her initiatives are progressive, and her young students embrace the opportunities to learn about their history in hopes of building a better future for themselves and their country. In the midst of many complications, from the influences of the Taliban to international government forces, Jan’s school for young female students offers optimism for future generations. Filmmaker Beth Murphy takes her cameras inside the school walls and beyond, giving unfiltered insights to an evolving educational process that affects not only the girls, but the village as a whole.

Film Website

Razia's Ray of Hope Foundation

Woman Who Loves Giraffes 1


  • Canada
  • 83
  • Alison Reid

Before Jane Goodall, there was Dr. Anne Innis Dagg, a Canadian scientist who developed the way we study animals in their natural habitat as we know it. In 1956, Dagg went to South Africa to study giraffes in their natural habitat, kicking off a love affair that continues to this day. Meet the woman whose career spans seven decades and continues to influence on modern zoology, how the world has changed in that time, and what it takes to make a mark on history.

Film Website

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