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FREE programming for teachers and their students.

Docs For Schools films engage students with issues of our day, offering vital ideas, critical questions and new perspectives outside the mainstream media and school textbook. Teacher-prepared education packages with valuable background information, creative lesson plans, and links to the Ontario school curriculum are provided for each film.

DOCS FOR SCHOOLS MONTHLY: Screenings offered at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema during the school year.

GENDER MATTERS: In Fall 2014, we offered opportunities for in-school screenings and a screening at the Hyland Cinema (London, Ontario) of films from the popular Gender Matters series from the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema.

DOCS FOR SCHOOLS FESTIVAL: In-school and in-theatre screenings during the Hot Docs Festival for grades 7-12 in Ontario.

  • IN-SCHOOL: An opportunity for teachers and students to create an in-school festival. Select from a variety films, to be screen for your class or school during Hot Docs Festival dates (April 23 - May 3). DVDs are couriered to you in advance to preview.

  • IN-THEATRE: Screenings of Hot Docs Festival films are offered at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema during the Festival (April 27 - May 1). When possible, guest directors are in attendance for a Q&As with the students.

If you would like to receive Docs For Schools e-mail updates or if you have any questions, please contact Education and Youth Programs Manager Lesley Sparks.

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