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2001 TDF Project Selections


  • A MACHINE TO KILL FOR (Mark Eliot, Catherine Jarvis / Eliot Jarvis Productions Pty Ltd)
  • VIETNAM SYMPHONY (Tom Zubrycki, Kerry Herman / Jotz Productions)


  • BASED ON A TRUE STORY (Alan Handel / Alan Handel Productions)
  • BIOMIMICRY (David Springbett / Asterisk Productions Ltd)
  • CHANGER LE MONDE! (Monique Simard, Marcel Simard / Les Productions Virage Inc.)
  • DIET WARS (Marrin Canell, Ted Remerowski / Paradigm Pictures Corporation)
  • GALILEO’S SONS (David Ostriker, Alison Rose / Mosaic Entertainment)
  • A HISTORY OF READING (Mark Johnston / Nomad Films Inc)
  • L’HOMME ET L’ABEILLE (Claude Cartier / Les Productions Virage Inc)
  • SEEING IS BELIEVING (Peter Wintonick, Francis Miquet, Katerina Cisek / Necessary Illusions Productions Inc)
  • SHE GOT GAME (Bobbi Jo Krals, Abbey Neidik, Irene Angelico / Esperanto Productions Inc)
  • TO KILL OR TO CURE? CRIME AND PUNISHMENT (Arnie Gelbart / Galafilm Inc)
  • TYLER’S BARREL (Barbara Barde / Take 3 Productions Inc.)


  • THE FIVE OBSTRUCTIONS (Carsten Holst, Kerstin Allroth / Zentropa Real ApS)
  • THE RETURN OF THE STAR-PEOPLE (Bente Milton / Milton Media)
  • A SURVIVOR’S TALE (Henrik Veileborg / Magic Hour Films ApS)


  • VIRGINS (Antti Väisänen / Magic Path Entertainment)
  • ZHANG’S DINER (Kaarle Aho / Making Movies Oy Ltd)


  • BUBBLE AND CRASH (Christine Camdessus / Tetra Media)
  • AUTOPSY OF A KNOWN CATASTROPHE (Philip Brooks / Dominant 7)
  • MAD MUNDO (Patrice Barrat / Article Z)
  • LETTERS FROM THE GHOST TRAIN (Roger Narbonne / Same Films)


  • THE REVENGE OF THE NERDS (Thomas Kufus / zero film GmbH)


  • PADDY MORIYASU (Eamon McElwee / Gallowglass Pictures Ltd.)


  • IN THE MIND OF A TERRORIST (Antonio Russo Merenda / Hysteria Film Ltd.)

United Kingdom

  • THE DEPORTED (Laura Ashton, Nick Danziger / Urban Films)

United States of America

  • GHOSTS OF ATTICA (David Van Taylor / Lumiere Productions)
  • HOOKED UP (Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman / Telling Pictures)
  • MORE THAN A LOVE STORY (Donald Goldmacher / Berkeley Film Group)
  • LOVE’S JOURNEY (Jennifer Dworkin, Jennifer Fox / Chilmark Productions)
  • SEX: FEMALE (Louis Alvarez, Andrew Kolker / Center for New American Media)
  • STEALING THE FIRE (John Friedman, Eric Nadler / Friedman-Nadler Productions)
  • TO LIVE WITH TERROR (Ton Vriens / vriens international productions inc)
  • TYPHOID MARY (Nancy Porter / Nancy Porter Productions Inc)
  • TWO TOWNS OF JASPER (Marco Williams, Whitney Dow / Two Tone Productions Inc)
  • WAXTER GIRLS (Liz Garbus, Moxie Firecracker Films)

Thank you to the selection committee:

  • Sidney Suissa, Alliance Atlantis Broadcasting (Canada)
  • Julie Anderson, HBO (USA)
  • Mark Atkin, SBS (Australia)

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