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2004 TDF Project Selections


  • ENTA OMRI: YOU ARE MY BELOVED (Sherine Salama, Lucille Carra / Habibi Films & Travelfilm Company)


  • NO RETURN (REALITY OF ECO-REFUGEES) (Monique Simard / Les Productions Virage Inc.)
  • A TALE OF TWO MOGULS (Alan Handel / Alan Handel Productions Inc. )
  • DJANGOMANIA! (Jamie Kastner / Cave 7 Productions)
  • THE HOCKEY NOMAD - INTO RUSSIA (Nick de Pencier, Mike Downie / Mercury Films Inc.)
  • DEMENTIA (Allan King, Kathy Avrich-Johnson / Allan King Associates Ltd)
  • BIG SUGAR (Arnie Gelbart / Galafilm Inc.)
  • THE THREE PASSIONS OF BERTRAND RUSSELL (David Wesley, Jennifer MacLennan / Redcanoe Productions Inc.)
  • MARKED FOR DEATH (Ed Barreveld, Tim Wolochatiuk / Storyline Entertainment Inc. )
  • BELLS OF BALANGIGA (Cari Green, Harry Sutherland / Producers On Davie Pictures Inc. )
  • PAUL WATSON: ECO-PIRATE (Leah Mallen, Trish Dolman / Screen Siren Pictures, Emanuel Laurent / Films à Trois (France))


  • THE GHOSTS OF BHOPAL (Luc Martin-Gousset / Point du Jour & Tamouz Media)
  • A SUBMARINE IN TROUBLED WATERS (Jean-Michel Carré, Jill Emery / Films Grains de Sable & Yénan productions)
  • JUNGLE FEVER (Fabienne Servan Schreiber, Lucie Pastor / Cinétévé)


  • THE BRIDGE (Peter Bardehle / Vidicom)
  • FINDING ALLEN (Christian Bauer, Dagmar Biller / Tangram Christian Bauer Filmproduktion)


  • GELATO (Stefano Tealdi / Stefilm)

The Netherlands

  • THE PORN NORM - THE STORY OF VIPER (Niek Koppen, Jan de Ruiter / Selfmade Films)
  • VIKTOR AND ROLF, BECAUSE WE ARE WORTH IT! (Femke Wolting, Bruno Felix / Submarine)

South Africa

  • TAKING BACK THE WAVES (Rehad Desai / Uhuru Productions Pty)


  • THE DRAGON HOUSE (Aiala Fernández / Irusoin S.A., Nuria Botellé / Benecé Produccions)


  • AN ORDINARY FAMILY (Fredrik Gertten / WG Film AB, Westman & Gertten AB)

United Kingdom

  • RENAISSANCE BAZAAR (Dafydd Llyr James / Boomerang)
  • THE MAN WHO WASN’T FAMOUS (Paul Berczeller / October Films)
  • FIERCE PEOPLE (Mike Chamberlain / Stampede Ltd. )

United States of America

  • AFGHANISTAN: HELL OF A NATION (Tamara Gould, Bonni Cohen / Actual Films)
  • ARCTIC WALTZ (Dallas Brennan, Katy Chevigny, Elizabeth Mandel / Big Mouth Productions)
  • THE GATES (Antonio Ferrera, Albert Maysles / Maysles Films Inc. )
  • GERTRUDE BERG: AMERICA’S MOLLY GOLDBERG (Aviva Kempner / Ciesla Foundation)
  • KNIGHTSBRIDGE (Adrian Belic / Wadi Rum Films)
  • PASSAGE THROUGH FEAR (Paco de Onís, Pamela Yates / Skylight Pictures Inc.)
  • RIGHT WING HOLLYWOOD (Jesse Moss / Mile End Films)
  • STOLEN LIVES (Kimi Iwata Rømming / Tara Entertainment)
  • WAITING TO INHALE: MARIJUANA, MEDICINE AND THE LAW (Jed Riffe, Katherine Covell / Jed Riffe LLC)

Thank you to the selection committee:

  • Cynthia Kane, Sundance Channel (USA)
  • Jan Rofekamp, Films Transit International (Canada)
  • Esther van Messel, First Hand Films World Sales (Switzerland)

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