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2007 TDF Project Selections


  • WILFRED BURCHETT: REBEL WITH A CAUSE (Real Pictures / Simon Nasht, Yves Jeanneau)


  • XAVANTE STRATEGY (Giros Productions / Luis Antônio Silveira, Belisario Franca)


  • SAVING LUNA (Mountainside Films Ltd. / Suzanne Chisholm)
  • HOW TO START YOUR OWN COUNTRY (Everyday Pictures Inc./ Jody Shapiro)
  • IT’S THE CRUDE, DUDE (Virage Productions / Mary Armstrong)
  • FOR THE LOVE OF SHAKESPEARE (Symmetree Media / Tina Hahn)
  • INVENTING THE FUTURE (EyeSteelFilm / Mila Aung-Thwin, John Christou)
  • EXAMINED LIFE (Sphinx Productions / Ron Mann, Alexa-Frances Shaw)


  • PEACEFUL WARRIORS (Margarita Martinez, Miguel Salazar)


  • THE MAN WHO SAVED THE WORLD (Statement Film / Jakob Staberg, Fredrik Gertten)


  • AL QAEDA CODE (Heliox 1 / Pierre-François Decouflé and Upfront Entertainment / Barbara Barde)
  • RENAISSANCE OF THE NEW WORLD (Dissidents / Pascal Dupont)
  • MARILYN, THE LAST SESSIONS (Les Films d’Ici / Martine Saada)


  • HOOKER HARLOT WHORE (Stories of Prostitution (LE Vision / Simone Baumann)
  • LOVE IN INDIA (Deckert Distribution / Heino Deckert)


  • BROKEN TAIL’S LAST JOURNEY (Crossing the Line Films / John Murray)


  • 3 LEGENDS (Eden Productions Ltd. / Edna Kowarsky, Elinor Kowarsky)


  • HAIR INDIA (B&B Film srl / Raffaele Brunetti)
  • THE LOTTO GANG (Eurofilm / Simonetta Amenta, Claude Vickery)

The Netherlands

  • CARMEN MEETS BORAT (Pieter van Huystee Film & TV / Matthijs Koenen)


  • WHAT’S MINE (Bausan Films S.L. / Tono Folguera)


  • BROTHER NO. 6 (Charged with Genocide (Story AB / Jenny Örnborn)

United Kingdom

  • GHETTO (Charlotte Street Films LTD / Eugene Jarecki, Alessandra Meyer)


  • A GIRL AND A GUN (Rough Cut Program)(Salted Productions / Cathryne Czubek, Frank Leone)
  • BLAST (Paul Devlin Productions / Julie Anderson, Claire Missanelli)
  • PABLO (Rough Cut Program) (Versatility & Love / Jeremy Goldscheider)
  • PRODIGAL SONS (Big Sky Film / Kimberly Reed, John Keitel)
  • EL REINADO (The Pageant) (Runaway Films / Amanda Micheli, Isabel Vega)
  • THE PERFECT CAPPUCCINO (Rough Cut Program) (Eucalyptus Pictures / Amy Ferraris)

Thank you to the selection committee:

  • Catherine Le Clef, Fortissimo Films (France)
  • Cara Mertes, Sundance Documentary Fund (USA)
  • Jan Rofekamp, Films Transit International (Canada)

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