4 Years in 10 Minutes

4 Years in 10 Minutes

  • Serbia
  • 62
  • PG
  • Mladen Kovacevic

In this experimental found footage film, director Mladen Kovacevic weaves vintage video images shot by the first Serbian to climb Mount Everest with puzzling excerpts from the man’s diary. The result is an unexpectedly strange and intimate experience, where the infinite vastness of the alien landscape crushes the hubris of the protagonist behind the camera. His dream of adventure didn’t culminate in a victorious roar, reveals a quote from his journal, but ended in a scream of the defeated. Reaching the very limits of human capabilities and entering a state of aimlessness and deep loss, the man eventually brings back haunted memories that range from the absurd to the mystic. With ingenious editing and a poet’s use of words and visuals, Kovacevic brilliantly reinvents the mountain climbing film, picturing mysterious mental states in ways reminiscent of Werner Herzog’s ecstatic truth. Charlotte Selb

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