Anti-Social Limited

Anti-Social Limited

  • Canada
  • 58
  • 14A
  • Rosvita Dransfeld
  • Rosvita Dransfeld (Producer)
  • Sergio Olivares (Cinematographer)
  • Scott Parker (Editor)
  • Rosvita Dransfeld (Writer)
  • Donald Horsburgh (Music)
  • Philip Dransfeld (Sound)
  • Jesse Luce (Sound)
  • Carey Opper (Sound)

In Anti-Social Limited, filmmaker Rosie Dransfeld returns to one of her most fascinating characters—Chris Hoard, the self-described psychopath from the award-winning Broke. This time Hoard, who claims he can “rate every prison in Canada on a five-star basis,” strikes out on his own. He intends to start an all-Indigenous construction business. The film skilfully undermines his self-assigned psychopath label and complicates our perception of the ex-con, capturing Hoard in all kinds of caring situations. Hoard may not be a psychopath but he is a man with a tragic past as a survivor of a dysfunctional adoption system that sent him to a severely abusive family. Like Hoard himself, the audience becomes all too aware of how his First Nation past plays into the obstacles he experiences in his life. The film brilliantly balances heavy themes with situational levity and Hoard’s special brand of sarcastic humour. Aisha Jamal

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