Art and Craft

Art and Craft

  • USA
  • 89
  • 14A
  • Jennifer Grausman
  • Sam Cullman
  • Mark Becker (Co-Director)
  • Sam Cullman (Producer)
  • Jennifer Grausman (Producer)
  • Sam Cullman (Cinematographer)
  • Mark Becker (Editor)
  • Stephen Ulrich (Music)

Prepare to enter the universe of Mark Landis, one of the world’s most prolific and successful art forgers. Fueled by a mischievous desire to deceive, Landis has copied hundreds of famous artworks and offered them up for donation to countless museums around the US. With his impeccably clever eye for detail, the schizophrenic Landis has managed to fool dozens of curators. But he may have met his match in Matt Leininger of Cincinnati Art Museum, an obsessive collector who, despite having only been introduced to Landis for a few minutes when being duped by him, will stop at nothing to expose him. Now, on the eve of Landis’ first full exhibition, when his work will be recognized not for bogusness but rather its craft, the two men will meet again. Carefully letting the events draw out the film’s themes, directors Jennifer Grausman and Sam Cullman mount a complex story of the art behind forgery and the obsession these men have with accuracy. Michael Lerman

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