Black Box Germany

Black Box Germany

  • Germany
  • STC
  • Andreas Veiel

Best Documentary winner at the European Academy Awards, Andres Veiels fourth feature doc is a fascinating journey into the turbulant world of 1970s and 80s Germany, when the student protest movement gave rise to the radical left, and paramilitary groups such as the Red Army Faction (a.k.a. Bader-Meinhof Gang) made attempts on the lives of top managers, civil servants and industrialists. Black Box Germany captures this zeitgeist through the stories of two men tragically linked to the heady politics of the era. Motivated by a strong sense of social justice, Wolfgang Gams joined a militant left-wing group, was forced underground and eventually rose to the command of the RAF. In 1993, Gams was shot dead by police in an incident officially reported as a suicide. From humble beginnings, Alfred Herrhausen entered the world of high commerce to become the Head of the Detusche Bank and one of Germanys most powerful men. In 1989, three weeks after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Herrhausen was killed by a car bomb planted by the RAF. Told through the eyes of the two mens closest family and friends, Black Box Germany neither romanticizes nor demonizes its subjects, providing a complex and nuanced view of a country polarized by its politics, where the line between victims and perpetrators is strangely blurred. Karen Tisch. In German and Spanish with English subtitles.

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