Books And The Night

The Books And The Night

  • Argentina
  • STC
  • Tristán Bauer

The Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986), one of the key figures in South American literature, deservedly won acclaim as a great contemporary writer of essays, poetry and short stories. The Books and the Night is sensitively constructed around Borges’ works, which combined the fantastic with a sophisticated knowledge of history and culture. In dramatised scenes, alternating with interview excerpts and archival footage, we see the writer as an inhabitant of his own dreams and fantasies, wandering in time and a labyrinth of books. The actor Walter Santa Ana brings Borges’ world to life. In a scene typical of the author’s oddly compelling artistry, the story published as The Book of Sand is told: a protagonist is visited by a bible salesman, who hands him a book without a beginning or an end and with an infinite number of pages. Ally Derks.

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