• Poland
  • 58
  • PG
  • Pawel Lozinski
  • Pawel Lozinski (Producer)
  • Kacper Lisowski (Cinematographer)
  • Katarzyna Maciejko-Kowalczyk (Editor)
  • Dorota Ward?szkiewicz (Editor)

The day ward at the Warsaw oncology clinic is always full of chatter. Conversation seems to be part of the treatment, nattering with a bedside neighbour part of the prescription. Women and men, young and old debate headscarves versus wigs, swap cabbage home remedies, and hope for a healthy recovery. A father intends to live long enough to read his son’s Master’s thesis; another plans to attend a wedding; and an expectant mother looks forward to meeting her new baby. No topic is off—limits as patients share intimacies normally relegated to pillow talk. They lay bare their regrets, their fears, and the lies they tell their loved ones in order to spare them. Ordinary moments are magnified in close-up shots—a spreading smile, an escaped tear, a baby photo. Life is worth living because every day brings something new, and suffering is a step towards gaining another one. — Angie Driscoll

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