Choir Boys

Choir Boys

  • Canada
  • 76
  • PG
  • Magnus Isacsson
  • Paul Lapointe (Producer)

In honour of the late Magnus Isacsson and his tireless social justice work, there’s no better film than
Choir Boys to exemplify his commitment to using documentary as a way to share the plight of the oppressed. The men who frequent a historic Montreal soup kitchen have been labeled outcasts and misfits. Shunned by society, they have issues with authority and many face
battles with addictions. It’s an unlikely setting for a men’s choir to emerge, but under their youthful choirmaster’s direction, a motley crew of voices unifies, and individual strengths and weaknesses meld then clash. When the spoils of success bring about near mutiny, there’s no lack of passionate voices, whether it be in song or in their regular meetings where opinions differ over the authority of their choirmaster’s rules. Choir Boys is a charming, timeless study of how humans treat each other and what it means to have dignity.

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