Circus Dynasty

The Circus Dynasty

  • Denmark
  • 93
  • PG
  • Anders Riis-Hansen
  • Anders Riis-Hansen
  • Malene Flindt Pedersen (Producer)
  • Anders Riis-Hansen (Cinematographer)
  • Lars Skree (Cinematographer)
  • Anders Löfstedt (Cinematographer)
  • Lars Therkelsen (Editor)
  • Line Schou Hillerbrand (Editor)
  • Anders Riis-Hansen (Writer)
  • Jonas Colstrup (Music)
  • Peter Schultz (Sound)

Patrick and Merrylu are seemingly destined for glory. Their talents are unmistakable and their unification appears to be predetermined for success. As the heirs of two of Europe’s great circus families, being together both personally and professionally allows them to achieve a legacy that their world has never seen before. As these two talented and beautiful performers come together, they navigate their incredible physical feats on stage with a shared intimacy and trust beyond the spotlight of the ring. However, as the challenges of performing increase, so do the complications of young love. Despite their apparent compatibility in the eyes of their parents and the public, Patrick and Merrylu start showing signs of off-stage conflict. With the fate of their families and their futures hanging in the balance, the pair must learn to support one another or face a fall that could bring down a collective dream. Gabor Pertic

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