Citizen Boilesen

Citizen Boilesen

  • Brazil
  • 93
  • 18A
  • Chaim Litewski
  • Chaim Litewski (Producer)
  • José Carlos Asbeg (Producer)
  • Jorge José De Melo (Producer)
  • Ojvind Kyro (Producer)
  • Chaim Litewski (Producer)
  • José Carlos Asbeg (Producer)
  • Pedro Asbeg (Producer)
  • Brian Walshe (Cinematographer)
  • Cleisson Vidal Linhares (Cinematographer)
  • Fernando Carvalho (Cinematographer)
  • Jose Carlos Asbeg (Cinematographer)
  • Jorge Mansur (Cinematographer)
  • Paulo Jacinto Dos Reis (Cinematographer)
  • Ricardo (Cinematographer)
  • Pedro Asbeg (Editor)
  • Lucas Marcier (Music)
  • Rodrigo Marçal (Music)

Henning Albert Boilesen was a naturalized Brazilian of Danish origin, president of Ultragaz, had close relationships with local military commanders in Sío Paulo, and collaborated with the Brazilian military in anti—terrorist activities, especially Operaçío Bandeirante. His rapid rise into Brazil’s corporate elite brought him national renown and Denmark’s highest civilian honour. Nobody seemed to mind that in his spare time Boilesen participated in torturing left—wing radicals, though it would ultimately get him gunned down on the streets of the city he conquered. This jaunty and thorough investigative biography pieces together Boilesen’s story, ultimately revealing the insidious connections between the business community and Brazil’s military dictatorship. An energetic, vibrant history of Brazilian politics in the 1960s and early ’70s and its severe military—industrial response to the prospect of socialist rule, Citizen Boilesen crackles with political intrigue and personal demons. Winner of the main prize at South America’s premier documentary festival, It’s All True. — Sean Farnel

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