Cloudy Mountains

Cloudy Mountains

  • China
  • 85
  • G
  • Zhu Yu
  • Han Lei (Producer)
  • Liu Zhi feng (Cinematographer)
  • Han Lei (Editor)

The landscape is a massive chain of steaming mountains. It’s asbestos mining season in Lop Nur, China, where Wang Hongbin and his father spend the summer months, happy to earn a living despite the hardship and the toxic clouds they breathe. With only scarves and paper masks for protection, they think little of the health implications, thankful for the steady work and high wages. Hazardous as it may be, this job pays twice what other work pays. Though the work is laborious and their health is frail, they find simple pleasures on the dust-filled mountain—phone calls back home and impromptu dance parties. The old speak of the hardships their generation has had to endure, while the young hope to earn enough for marriage and a chance at a better life.

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