The Cockettes

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  • Bill Weber

The Cockettes is a fascinatingly detailed and joyous portrait of the legendary San Francisco freakadelic, acid-dropping, sexually anarchic, drag theatre troupe, The Cockettes. The group was founded by the enigmatic “Hibiscus,” a former New York actor who moved to San Francisco, like so many others, to experience the creative and sexual freedoms of hippie counter-culture. The troupe was comprised of women and men, both gay and straight, whose love of costumes, music and acid created performances that were, for the most part, improvised. From 1969-1972, they performed at San Francisco’s Palace Theatre to rave reviews; their fans included Andy Warhol and John Waters. Tracing the troupe’s history, the film stylishly and skillfully combines interviews with former members, incredible footage of their performances, and images from their movies (the most famous being a spoof on Patricia Nixon’s wedding). The Cockettes is an exuberant and “emotional celebration of diversity, liberation, sexual anarchy and fabulousness.” - David Rooney, Variety. Shannon Abel.

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