Convict Patient

The Convict Patient

  • Mexico
  • 83
  • PG
  • Alejandro Solar Luna
  • Armando Casas (Producer)
  • Ignacio Miranda H. (Cinematographer)
  • Ernesto Contreras (Editor)
  • Alejandro Solar Luna (Editor)
  • Alejandro Solar Luna (Writer)
  • Luis Leñero Elu (Music)
  • Galileo Galaz (Sound)
  • Pablo M. Lloret (Sound)
  • Miguel Ángel Molina (Sound)

The Convict Patient is a shocking film that shows just how far a government will go to cover up the voices of dissension. On October 2, 1968, Mexican President Gustavo Díaz Ordaz called an order that led to a massacre of students protesting one of Mexico’s most oppressive regimes in history. The Tlatelolco Massacre led to the death of hundreds of students and bystanders yet no one in the government was held accountable. One man, Carlos Castañeda de la Fuente, sought vengeance by making an attempt on the president’s life. Arrested and convicted, he was ‘disappeared’ from society entirely, only to resurface 40 years later in Mexico City. This film takes you on a horrific journey that reveals how the severity of the government’s disproportionate punishment left him mentally ill and homeless in Mexico City. Heather Haynes

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