Coq de Montreal

Le Coq de Montreal

  • Canada
  • STC
  • Guy Sprung

Serge Lagacé, aka the “Coq de Montreal,” started out as a bad seed, burning tires and jacking cars for fun, and has lived his life as a crime spree. His rap sheet is over 60 pages long and he regularly graces the pages of the crime tabloid Allô Police. A gaunt, scarred and scary tough-guy dressed in black, Serge is now out of jail and making a career change — hes going to be a movie star. But after getting an agent and doing some tests, all Serge can land is extra work as a prison convict in a big-budget film. Back where he started from — almost. A witty and unexpected meditation on reality and fantasy, life and the movies. David McIntosh. In English and French with English subtitles.

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