Czech Dream

Czech Dream

  • Czech Republic
  • 87
  • PG
  • Ví­t Klusák
  • Filip Remunda
  • Irena Taskovski (Producer)
  • Filip Cermak (Producer)
  • Klusak and Filip Remunda (Cinematographer)
  • Zdenek Marek (Editor)
  • Vit Klusak and Filip Remunda (Writer)
  • V. O. Bauer (Music)
  • Hynek Schneider (Music)

It was the largest consumer hoax the Czech Republic had ever seen. Filip Remunda and Vit Klusak, two of Eastern Europe’s most promising young documentary filmmakers, set out to explore the psychological and manipulative powers of consumerism by creating an ad campaign for something that didn’t exist. The film was controversial, provoking extreme reactions in the Czech people and media, and even being discussed in Czech Parliament. Czech Dream is a funny and provocative look at the effects of rampant consumerism on a post—communist society. With the recent entry of the Czech Republic and other Eastern European countries into the EU, and with people’s changing attitudes to consumerism and globalization, the film is relevant to capitalist societies all over the world.

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