• Canada
  • 83
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  • Justin Simms
  • William D. MacGillivray
  • Justin Simms
  • William D. MacGillivray
  • Annette Clarke (Producer)
  • Andrew MacCormack (Cinematographer)
  • Justin Simms (Editor)
  • William D. MacGillivray (Writer)
  • Darren Fung (Music)
  • Alex Salter (Sound)

The history of Newfoundland and Labrador politics is one of the most colourful in Canada, due to its larger-than-life politicians. Danny Williams is one such man. Premier of the province from 2003 to 2010, he was known for his ferocity and charisma. By the time he left office, he had not only become one of the most popular—and most controversial—Canadian politicians of his era, but a folk hero to the nation. Danny is a beautifully crafted film laced with humour and back-room anecdotes from former staffers, Williams’ family and Williams himself that offers insight into the forces and people who shaped him. Known as a fighter, Williams famously took on two prime ministers and Big Oil to ensure that benefits from his province’s abundant natural resources flowed back to its people—turning it from a “have-not” into a “have” province. More than just a standard biography, Danny is a compelling story of a feisty everyman situated at the centre of the political changes and powers of the time. Lynne Fernie

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