Dark Days

Dark Days

  • USA
  • STC
  • Marc Singer

Deep below the city of New York lies the vast underground network of subways and commuter trains, a comfortable home for the citys vermin, a horrific place for any human to live. The spectacular award-winning film Dark Days (Sundance 2000 Audience, Cinematography, and Freedom of Expression Awards) documents the lives of a group of homeless people who have made an underground Amtrack tunnel their unlikely home, some for as long as 25 years. In structures built from scrap metal and wood salvaged from the city’s garbage, these tunnel dwellers have carved out a space and a life for themselves where none existed before. Director Marc Singer, who lived with his subjects for three months in the tunnel often enlisting their help during the shoot, films their daily battles with rats, their search for food, and their personal quests to come to terms with troubled pasts. Through intimate interviews, Dark Days elicits humour, dignity, and humanity from its protagonists depicting their world as a haunting subterranean dream in stunning black and white cinematography. Dark Days makes visible and human a normally invisible population. Shannon Abel.

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