Deep Web

Deep Web

  • USA
  • 90
  • 14A
  • Alex Winter
  • Alex Winter
  • Marc Schiller (Producer)
  • Glen Zipper (Producer)
  • Joe DeSalvo (Cinematographer)
  • Dan Swietlik (Editor)
  • Alex Winter (Writer)
  • Pedro Bronfman (Music)
  • Joe Milner (Sound)

From the cypherpunks in the 90s who started a movement for internet protection and freedom to 3D printable hand guns, Deep Web explores the history and context of the world that these darkened online areas burgeoned from. Focusing on the recent court case of the alleged founder of the online market Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht, a far more complex and multifaceted story than the media portrays. Weaving an in-depth look at the deepest corners of the internet, returning filmmaker Alex Winter (Downloaded) takes us through Ulbricht’s personal journey, which ended up with him staring down the government in court. Both a portrait of a man accused of being an online kingpin and an exploration of the greater implications the Pandora’s box that was opened in this secret area, Deep Web investigates the greater implications for how we will all experience the internet in the future. Charlotte Cook

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