Don't Fuck with the Lewises

Don't Fuck with the Lewises

  • Norway
  • 50
  • STC
  • Ronny Kristoffersen

Two Norwegian filmmakers head to the American South to make a film about the rich musical culture of this oft-documented portion of the country. Tired and exhausted, they stumble upon a strange sight: a glowing neon sign for a drive-through bar and liquor store. Unable to resist their curiosity, they pull in. What they discover is a documentary goldmine, for the owner and operator is none other than Frankie Jean Lewis, sister to rock legend Jerry Lee Lewis. She invites them into her home, which she has transformed into a museum to her famous brother, and with openness and candor, reveals her complicated relationship with her celebrity sibling. During the filmmakers 12-hour stay, this candor results in a lot more than they bargain for, as the fire and temper that infused Jerrys performances proves to be hereditary - and a necessity for daily survival in this violent part of the South. Shannon Abel

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