Education of Shelby Knox

The Education of Shelby Knox

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Fifteen-year-old Shelby Knox is not afraid to go out on a limb. Born into the conservative Christian community of Lubbock, Texas, she confounds expectations when she joins the battle for sex education in the classroom. Shelby is an unlikely advocate. She subscribes to a national church-based movement called True Love Waits where adolescents pledge to save themselves for marriage. Yet with Lubbocks teen pregnancy and STD rates soaring, Shelby is convinced that the abstinence before marriage message needs to be overhauled. Shelbys burgeoning liberalism is viewed with trepidation by her parents who urge her to prioritize God, family and country. Her pastor counsels a return to the Bible but Shelby is on a mission of her own. Joining like-minded teens on the Lubbock Youth Commission, she is quickly disillusioned by the groups willingness to compromise in the face of school board opposition. When the Commission refuses to support the rights of gay youth, she resolves to take up their cause. The Education of Shelby Knox is a deeply compelling portrait of one girls political awakening. Karen Tisch

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