Every Other Couple

Every Other Couple

  • Finland
  • 77
  • PG
  • Mia Halme
  • Aleksi Salmenperä (Producer)
  • Heikki Färm (Cinematographer)
  • Peter Flinckenberg (Cinematographer)
  • Antony Bentley (Editor)
  • Ville Tanttu (Music)
  • Micke Nyström (Sound)

Every year, new couples make the sacred marriage vow to stay together until death do they part. But statistically, many marriages don’t last. In this deeply personal and touching story, award-winning filmmaker Mia Halme takes us into the intimate and secret spaces of several Finish couples as they go through their separation processes. Reflecting on happier times when love blossomed, they recount that fateful and unforgettable day when they knew the marriage was over and they had fallen out of love. Coping with the stigma of a broken family, financial concerns and how to navigate redrawn social circles, they must face their own pain. In some cases, they must also move forward for the well-being of their children. How do you pick up the pieces when the life you were accustomed to living has dramatically changed? Heather Haynes

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