Fall of Fujimori

The Fall of Fujimori

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  • Ellen Perry

Early 90s Peru is plagued by extreme poverty, racism and violence. Terrorist groups The Shining Path and Tupac Amaru are waging a deadly battle against the state, and civilians are caught in the crossfire. Out of this chaos comes a surprise candidate in the 1992 presidential election. The son of working-class Japanese immigrants, Alberto “El Chino” Fujimori promises to improve conditions for the dirt-poor indigenous population and to restore peace and security. Ellen Perrys gripping docu-thriller traces Fujimoris decade-long reign, recording his bizarre self-coup that transformed democratic Peru into a near-dictatorial police state overnight. Fujimori and his henchmen waged a war on terrorism that employed torture, secret military tribunals and death squads, culminating in the bloody 1997 hostage crisis at the Japanese Embassy in Lima. Escalating claims of human rights abuses and state corruption eventually forced him into exile. With unprecedented access, Perry interviews the disgraced ex-president in his safe haven in Japan, fashioning a rare and chilling look at a modern day despot who defiantly defends his regime and even entertains illusions of re-election. Karen Tisch

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