Fast, Cheap and Out of Control

Fast, Cheap and Out of Control

  • USA
  • 80
  • STC
  • Errol Morris

“The ultimate low-concept movie - a film that utterly resists the possibility of a one-line summary.” - Errol Morris

Morris ever-challenging filmmaking reaches a new level with this brilliantly confounding film. He profiles four unique individuals: a topiary gardener, a lion tamer, a mole rat specialist and an expert in robotics. What holds this film together? Leaving philosophic and narrative issues aside, Morris dazzles and delights viewers, employing film and video, black and white and colour, dramatically lit sequences and straight-ahead documentary footage. His characters are fascinating. Dave Hoover is a circus trainer whose love of lion tamer Clyde Beatty is shown through archival footage. George Mendonca is a gardener who spent 15 years sculpting a “leafy” bear. Ray Mendez is a man obsessed with blind, hairless mole rats. And Rodney Brooks, a robot scientist, is sure that carbon-based life on this planet is doomed. “Proceeding out on a high wire without the net of a pre-existing subject, Morris has fashioned a very curious picture of meanings both elusive and profound.” - Todd McCarthy, Variety Marc Glassman

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