Frozen Heart

Frozen Heart

  • Norway
  • 90
  • STC
  • Stig Andersen

This beautifully-conceived feature-length documentary combines breathtaking archival footage of polar expeditions and personal diary entries to tell the tale of Roald Amundsen, Norways legendary explorer. The first man to conquer the Northwest Passage over Canada in 1911, Amundsen also beat out his competitor, the martyred British officer and sportsman Robert Scott, to become the first explorer to reach the South Pole. In 1926, after various attempts, he successfully traversed the North Pole by plane and was possibly the first man to raise a flag on the North Pole. But, as the film attests, it wasnt the world he wanted to discover; he wanted the world to discover him. A womanizer who repeatedly set his sights on other peoples wives including the beautiful but elusive Kiss Bennett with whom he believed he could communicate telepathetically Amunsdens unabashed thirst for power and glory led him to deceive his brother, abandon his adopted children, and alienate his investors and countrymen. A facinating historical document, Frozen Heart is also a riveting portrait of a complex and egocentric man. Karen Tisch.

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