German Secret

The German Secret

  • Denmark
  • 88
  • STC
  • Lars Johansson

Born in an American World War Two prison camp, Kirsten Blohms early life is shrouded in mystery. Central to this intrigue is the uncertain identity of her father. Was he the enemy German officer with whom her Danish mother shared a passionate forbidden love? Raised by her maternal grandparents, Blohm barely knew her mother, Signe Gondrup, a cold woman who revealed little about her private life. But shortly before her death at 80, Gondrup revealed some clues to Blohms conception. Using this scant and sometimes contradictory information, Blohm and filmmaker Lars Johansson delve into an emotionally charged investigation of the past. Following her mothers footsteps to Czechoslovakia and Germany, Blohm speaks to surviving witnesses, a journey that leads her back to the final days of the war. Here she confronts the spectre of Nazism and the skeletons in her mothers closet. With extraordinary sensitivity, Johansson reconstructs Gondrup and Blohms shared history, fashioning a spellbinding tale of captivity and flight, secrets and lies and, at its heart, the complicated relationship of a mother and daughter. Karen Tisch

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