Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door

  • USA
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  • Christine Fugate

Historically, documentaries about the porn industry have offered moralistic tales of good and evil about self-deluded or coerced women preyed on by Lotharios lurking at the bus station. While this scenario is sometimes played out, the multi-billion dollar porn industry is more complex than second-wave feminists have suggested. The Girl Next Door is a compelling alternative to the traditional tale. Stacey Baker was a self-described Tulsa housewife who rose to become one of the biggest names in the porn industry. We meet Stacey just prior to the pinnacle of her career, and she comes across as a woman who is obviously conflicted, often unsure, and yet clearly aware of the freedom her career choice has offered her. We also see the price of her career choice in failed relationships and multiple cosmetic surgeries. Cory Silverberg

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