Heysel '85, Requiem For A Cup Final

Heysel '85, Requiem For A Cup Final

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  • Lode Desmet

On May 29, 1985, Liverpool played Juventus in the European Cup final of soccer. Fans of both clubs flocked to Brussels to watch the game at Heysel Stadium, where Belgian authorities had allocated a section of the grounds to neutral fans. The neutral zone was widely criticized by Liverpool and Juventus as it would easily provide a way for fans of both clubs to evade segregation measures. They were right to oppose the idea; just before the match began, a riot broke out, trampling 38 fans to death. Unbelievably, the game went on and Juventus beat Liverpool 1-0. Twenty years after the Heysel Stadium disaster, as the two clubs are poised to play one another for the first time since 1985, this dramatic documentary serves as reconciler and perhaps cautionary tale. Fans who attended, security guards, officials and legendary club players paint a picture of a wonderful day gone horribly wrong, and of the circumstances that led to the decision to continue this infamous soccer match. Shannon Abel

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