Hogtown: The Politics of Policing

Hogtown: The Politics of Policing

  • Canada
  • 96
  • STC
  • Min Sook Lee

It’s February 2004, budget time in Toronto, and the police want more money. But the city is $344 million short and the police budgets on the block. At the same time, a wave of violent gun crimes has swept the city and the election of Mayor David Miller has tipped power to the left at City Hall. As Chief Fantino and the civilian-run Toronto Police Services Board wrangle over the budget, a media storm erupts when the board’s chair is smeared by a leaked police memo implying he’s soft on pedophiles. The board is so dysfunctional that members are barely speaking to one another. The pressure ratchets up as a series of police corruption scandals make headlines, the head of the police union is forced to resign, and numerous officers are accused of corruption and extortion. With her background in radio and television news, director Min Sook Lee brilliantly constructs a riveting blow-by-blow six-month exposé of the politics, power brokers, bad behaviour and downright dirty tactics when trying to police the police. Lynne Fernie

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