Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker

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  • STC
  • Jody Shapiro

The Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker Henry Larsen sets sail from St. Johns, Newfoundland on a six-week tour through iceberg-infested waters. The crew of 40 will share 42 days together, plowing the ocean, escorting ships up and down the magnificent but dangerous Canadian seacoast. Jody Shapiro and David Best have captured the very special group dynamics that isolation in the ships close quarters breeds - the pecking orders, the enmities, the crusty sailor camaraderie. But he has also created a powerful portrait of the icy sea itself, capturing its fearsome beauty, its awesome power and its quiet sadness in breathtakingly eloquent images. A poetic song of the sea and the sailors who ply it. David McIntosh

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