Living the Game

Living the Game

  • Japan
  • 88
  • G
  • Takao Gotsu
  • Nobuyuki Sasaki (Producer)
  • Hideki Furutani (Producer)
  • Kouichirou Miyagawa (Cinematographer)
  • Herbert Hunger (Editor)
  • Birger Clausen (Music)

With access to all the biggest players and tournaments, director Takao Gotsu shows the professional Street Fighter gaming world in a fresh way, tackling the essential nature of confidence and competition and focusing on Japan’s top talents. Emotionless champion Daigo delivers knockouts with more precision than personality, while skillful couple ChocoBlanka and Momochi play with finesse not flair. But in a scene where winning in the flashiest, most memorable way possible is what counts, can these practice-makes-perfect players compete against those who deliver excitement and entertainment? Stars are born and myths are made of lesser players who create compelling narratives and signature moves without achieving the highest scores. Living the Game is an eye-opening look at the culture of modesty that shapes the Japanese style of play, and the psychology of winning and losing, pride and shame, confidence and doubt that makes up the players’ mental game. Angie Driscoll

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