Strongest Man

The Strongest Man

  • France
  • 53
  • G
  • Louise Hémon
  • Louise Hémon
  • Agathe Berman (Producer)
  • Jean-Baptiste Bonnet (Cinematographer)
  • Carole Borne (Editor)
  • Louise Hémon (Writer)
  • Hervé Carvalho (Music)
  • Pierre-Yves Casanova (Music)
  • Thibaut Dufait (Sound)
  • Margot Testemale (Sound)
  • Mélissa Petitjean (Sound)

A young bodybuilder, Gaëtan sculpts his body deep within the mountains, striving for seemingly impossible physical perfection. His imposing physique encases his humble and caring nature, and Gaëtan uses his physical prowess to help those in need—injured skiers on vast mountain slopes or swimmers in potential danger on the shore. The gorgeous natural landscapes all around him serve as framework to this story of a man pursuing his own self-imposed idea of excellence. Gaëtan is meticulous in his regimen, checking every angle, but never fully feeling as though he is ready to compete in bodybuilding competitions. With the tender support of his girlfriend, he dreams of a day when he is considered one of the greats; but for now, he roams the mountainsides to both bulk himself up and rescue others—trying in this small way to be a larger-than-life hero. Gabor Pertic

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