We Could Be Heroes

We Could Be Heroes

  • Denmark, Tunisia, Morocco
  • 78
  • G
  • Hind Bensari

Azzedine Nouiri brings the 2012 London Paralympic gold medal and world record in shot put home to Morocco amid wild fanfare. He assumes his life is about to change, and that his achievement will improve financial and athletic support from the government. Instead he’s immediately forgotten and denied the salary, social care and access to the city’s stadium that his gold medal performance promised. As he prepares for Rio 2016, Azzedine’s goals shift. He’s no longer looking for the longest throw, but to overthrow the system that keeps athletes with different abilities marginalized as destitute second-class citizens. Taking a novice shot putter under his wing and training him as his successor, Azzedine is inspired to contest his sports federation in increasingly public ways and demand respect and equal rights. We Could Be Heroes records the highs and lows of life and sport, mentorship and friendship, and what a personal best truly looks like. Angie Driscoll

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