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Hot Docs-Blue Ice Docs Fund 2014

Development Grant Recipients

Director, Producer: Siam Mohamed
Production Company: ArtKhana
Country: Egypt

This coming-of-age story follows an angry bipolar 15-year-old girl who witnesses her friends and 73 others killed during a football match in February 2012. While trying to recover, she discovers her own place, identity and sexuality in the macho violent society of an ever-changing country.

About the Director
Siam Mohamed is a director, producer and a cinematographer. He has received several international grants in support of his projects, including Jan Vrijman Fund (IDFA Bertha), Fond Francophone, ITVS, Hot Docs, AFAC, Screen Institute Beirut, Gucci Tribeca and Sundance. He is Berlinale and Durban Talent Campus alumni and winner of AfriDocs Prize in Durban 2014. He also participated in The Berlinale Campus Editing to work with the renowned Molly Marlene Stensgaard, Lars Von Trier’s editor. His cinematography for Awakening, Trials of the Spring and The Path, among many others, was directed by Oscar-nominated filmmakers and funded by ITVS, Sundance, Tribeca and MacArthur Foundation.

Director: Khalo Matabane
Producer: Carolyn Carew
Co-Producers: Christian Beetz, Kerstin Meyer-Beetz
Production Company: Born Free Media, Gebrueder Beetz FilmProdukion
Country: South Africa

THE DOUBLE LIVES OF CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION looks at how revolutionary icons affected societies, their status as heroes, the burden of being born as a child of a revolutionary, and whether it is possible for them to come to grips with the legacy of their parents and forge their own identity.

About the Director
Khalo Matabane is a multi-award-winning South African director. He has directed numerous feature length documentaries, drama series, campaigns, and commercials; taught about cinema and politics at universities. His feature film Nelson Mandela, the Myth and Me won Special Jury at IDFA 2013. He completed his first feature fiction film, State of Violence, in 2010. His work has been screened in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia, and he was selected as one of the four global trailblazers at MIPDOC 2006 (Cannes). Khalo has a passion and love for fiction and non-fiction storytelling, and working with scripts that challenge the society we live in.

Directors, Producers: Kofi Zwana, Sara Gouveia
Production Company: Lionfish Productions
Country: South Africa

A visual account of Mozambique’s past and present told through dance, the story focuses on a group of ex-combatants who received land as a reward for fighting in the country’s two wars, but now face eviction to make way for housing for the rich.

About the Directors
Kofi Zwana is an award-winning commercials and documentary director. He graduated from the South African School of Motion Picture Medium in 2008 and has since won a Cannes Bronze Lion Award in 2014, a Silver Loerie Award in 2014 and in 2012, the Creative Circle Ad of the Month in 2012, Best Cinematography and Best Script at the South African TAG Awards in 2011, and gold in the International Sports Advertising Awards in 2009. Kofi’s current projecct The Sound of Masks received the IDFA award for Most Promising Documentary during the Durban Film Mart 2014.

Born in Lisbon, Sara Gouveia is an award-winning filmmaker living in Cape Town. Her documentary Mama Goema: The Cape Town Beat in Five Movements won the audience award for Best Documentary Film at the Tri Continental Film Festival 2011. Sara’s short film Scarlet Days won the Jury Award for Best Film at the 5th InShadow Festival in 2013. Sara’s current project The Sound of Masks received the IDFA award for Most Promising Documentary during the Durban Film Mart 2014.

Director: Bouna Chérif Fofana
Producer: Sitou Ayite
Production Company: Universal Grace Production
Country: Togo

Foreign investment in the Morila Gold Mine divides communities in the region as they try to survive. After seeing his young neighbour prosper from a well-paying job at the mine, 24 year-old Boubacar drops out of school to participate in Mali’s gold rush.

About the Director
With his bachelor degree in finance accounting and management in Bamako Mali, Bouna Chérif Fofana started his career as an intern at the National Cinematography Center in Mali. Soon after he worked on successful films as first assistant director and co-director. From 2009 to 2011, he directed his two short films, which screened at international film festivals. In 2013, Bouna Chérif Fofana completed a master degree in film marketing and distribution at INA-Sorbonne in Paris and becomes an official at National Cinematography Center in Mali. In addition to his role of director, he is the president of national high schools and graduate cine clubs in Mali.

Production Grant Recipients

Director: Khalid Shamis
Producer: Steven Markovitz
Production Company: tubafilms
Country: South Africa

THE COLONEL’S STRAY DOGS examines how several former high-level Gadaffi opponents, who once stood for the same dream, are thrown back together and must negotiate a democracy in doubt from positions of questionable power.

About the Director
Working in the film and TV industry in the UK, Middle East and Southern Africa since 1997, Khalid Shamis runs his production company tubafilms from Cape Town. Khalid balances the fine line between story structure and aesthetics having completed numerous long-form films as an editor and directed his own feature documentary Imam and I, which received critical acclaim. He has held an associate lecturer position at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, holds the prestigious South African Guild of Editors acronym, has been an active member of several industry bodies in South Africa and has acquired numerous awards for his work.

Director: Peter Murimi
Producer: Toni Kamau
Production Company: On Screen Productions Ltd, MOSAIC Films
Country: Kenya

Would you risk everything, to be truthful about who you are? Who you love? In a society where homosexuality is compared to terrorism and met with horrific abuse, Samuel and his sports team are about to do something unprecedented: come end of the season they will publicly announce they are gay.

About the Director
Peter Murimi is a Kenyan multi-award-winning documentary director. He won the CNN African Journalist of the Year in 2004 for his piece Walk to Womanhood that deals with issues surrounding FGM. He worked as a freelancer on various NGO documentaries for the United Nations before coming on board permanently as a shooter director. His feature documentary Slum Survivors saw him spend six months living in the sprawling informal settlement in Kibera, filming the stories of people he met there. The film was the winner of the Tur Ostravo award in 2007. Under the direction of the 2014 Oscar-nominated director Jehane Nouhaim (The Square), Peter was the field director and cameraman for the Kenyan segments for the feature documentary Rafae: Solar Mama, which was produced as part of a series for Why Poverty in 2011. Since 2012 Peter has been part of the Africa investigates team for Aljazeera, where he has produced several films exposing crime and corruption in Africa.

Director, Producer: Zipporah Nyaruri
Co-Director: Peggy Mbiyu
Production Company: Visual Asili Limited
Country: Kenya

A feisty mother fights to get her truck driving job back after being unjustly laid-off during her maternity leave. Her driving skills command respect and earn her admiration from some, provoke ridicule from others, and pose challenges as she dares to remain in a male-dominated industry.

About the Director
Zipporah (Zippy) Nyaruri is an independent Kenyan filmmaker. With her journalism background she has been involved in making short commissioned documentaries. Zebu and The Photo Fish, one of her first fiction films, travelled around the world and was shown at numerous film festivals. Zippy won an unprecedented amount of awards, including Grand Prix at Festival Lumiere d’Afrique, Besançon and Best Director at Auteur Film Festival, Cape Town. Zipporah is currently in pre-production of her feature length documentary Truck Mama, for which she was selected for the Berlinale Doc station.

About the Co-Director
Peggy Mbiyu is a Kenyan director, editor and screenwriter. She has a diploma in mass communication (2003). From 2004 to 2009, she worked as a feature documentary editor, producer and director on TV productions in Uganda. In 2009, she directed the 10 minute documentary Computer at Maisha FilmLab, which screened at several international festivals. Peggy attended talent campuses at the 2011 Durban International Film Festival, where she received the PUMA Mobility Award, 2012 Berlinale and 2014 Sheffield Doc/Fest. She has worked in various functions on films and documentaries in East-Africa, and is currently working as a co-director on TRUCK MAMA.

Completion Grant Recipients

Director: Hawa Essuman, Anjali Nayar
Producer: Steven Markovitz, Anjali Nayar
Production Company: Platypus Productions, TIMBY Productions, Big World Cinema
Country: Kenya, Canada, South Africa

A hardened Liberian activist, flanked by an extensive network of citizen reporters, challenges President of Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, over corruption, nepotism and the war on resources.

About the Directors
Director Hawa Essuman worked on TV commercials and documentaries before directing the Kenyan TV drama series Makutano Junction. Soul Boy (2010) is Hawa’s most recent film, and has screened at over 40 film festivals around the world and received five nominations at the 2011 African Academy Awards. Hawa is currently writing her first feature Djin.

Director/producer Anjali Nayar has worked with the environmental networks featured in Logs of War for the past eight years. Anjali has a Masters in Documentary Film from Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism and a Masters in Environmental Management from Oxford University. Anjali is currently in post-production on the feature-length documentary Gun Runners supported by Canada’s National Film Board.

Director, Producer: Timothy Edzeani Doh
Production Company: Eyebrow Films
Country: Ghana

Sold by his father at age 6, former child slave James Kofi Annan returns to his roots to rescue fisher kids forced to work on Lake Volta, one of the largest manmade lakes in the world, and shift local people’s opinions on slavery.

About the Director
In 2006, Timothy Edzeani Doh participated in the 4th Berlinale Talent Campus in Berlin and the Real Life Film Festival workshops in Accra. Since graduating from film school with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and TV Production, he has work on documentary films including First Earth (2008) and Roots Germania (2007). His short films include Harmattan Pawpaw (2014) and Little Tengzor (2014). Timothy was a participant at the 2011 IDFAcademy Summer School with his first feature length documentary film project Senior James and the Fisher Kids of the White Volta. He lives and works as a freelance filmmaker in Accra.

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