FAQs: CrossCurrents International Doc Fund

FAQs: CrossCurrents International Doc Fund

My production is stalled because of COVID-19 disruptions. How do you take this into consideration in the application?

We understand that many productions have been delayed or stalled due to COVID-19. As long as the production is eligible for the CrossCurrents International Doc Fund, we will consider all applications equally knowing that production timelines may shift. If you have any questions about this, please reach out directly at [email protected].

If I am a recipient of the fund, does that mean I lose any film rights?

Hot Docs has no creative control and ownership of the film from the rightsholder. Successful applicants will be asked to provide proof of chain of title, and incorporation documents of the company that holds the majority rights to the film. The primary rights holder attached to the film project must be one of the (co)directors.

How does the CrossCurrents Doc Fund define an underrepresented community?

We want you to tell us. It is important for us to understand from your perspective how the community you are directly telling the story from has been historically underrepresented.

What is considered as a professional credit?

Professional credits include any commercial (distributed theatrically, on broadcast, DVD or via viable/curated digital platforms like iTunes, Netflix, Hulu) or festival-run short, feature-length or series project (fiction or documentary) where you held the role as director.

What information should I include in my budget?

You can check out our Budgeting for Emerging Filmmakers publication to see standard line items in a budget. We expect a detailed industry standard development or production budget for the project, including the top sheet.

I am in development and have not yet shot any footage that can be cut into a trailer. What kind of supporting footage should I submit?

If you have not entered production yet, we recommend cutting together a short audio-visual piece that conveys the tone, message, or style of your project.

Can I apply for post-production funds?

At the discretion of the selection committee, projects applying to the production fund category may be awarded a post-production grant in lieu of a production grant. Post-production grants may be awarded to projects at the end of their production or post-production process. Post-production grants are cash grants only, and do not qualify for the CrossCurrents fellowship program.

When will I know if my application is successful?

All applicants will be notified of the selection committee’s decision by our staff via email approximately four months after the application deadline, including those invited to the fellowship. A public announcement of all successful projects will be made shortly thereafter.

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