FAQs: Hot Docs-Slaight Family Fund

FAQs: Hot Docs-Slaight Family Fund

My production is stalled because of COVID-19 disruptions. How do you take this into consideration in the application?

We understand that many productions have stalled due to COVID-19. As long as the production is eligible for the Hot Docs-Slaight Family Fund, we will consider all applications equally knowing that it’s unclear when it will be safe again to resume production. It takes approximately 3 – 4 months after the application deadline to make a decision so, while we are optimistic that the environment will be more welcoming to productions by then, we will be flexible if there are further delays. If you have any questions about this, please reach out directly to [email protected].

Can I apply for post-production funds?

Projects in late rough cut, fine cut or completed stage will not be considered. The Fund encourages projects to apply as early as the development stage.

When will I know if my application is successful?

All applicants will be notified of the selection committee’s decision by our staff via email approximately three to four months after the application deadline. A public announcement of all successful projects will be made shortly thereafter.

I am in late development and have not yet shot any footage that can be cut into a trailer. What kind of supporting footage should I be submitting?

If you have not entered production yet, we recommend cutting together a short audio-visual piece that conveys the tone, message, or style of your project.


A senior producer is an experienced producer who meets the Fund’s eligibility requirements, who can serve as a mentor and vouch for the applicant.

What does “meaningfully attached to a project” mean?

The senior producer agrees to executive produce and oversee the project and confirms their support in a written letter by them, on their letterhead with a signature.

Can a senior producer also apply with their own project to the same Fund?

Yes, a senior producer can support one emerging producer, and also apply to the same fund as the main producer of their own project. This may be a mitigating factor in the selection committee’s decisions.

What qualifies as a commercial release?

Films that were acquired in the market by a third party, and either released: theatrically, or by broadcast, or online platforms/VOD.

If I received a development loan, when do I need to repay it?

There are a few milestones to be aware of for repayment of the Hot Docs-Slaight Family Fund grant. One is when you officially start the principal photography of the documentary. Another is if you transfer the sale of rights of the documentary to a third party. We don’t charge interest, unless payments are overdue.

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