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Doc Summit

An annual town-hall gathering of Canadian industry and policy makers, the Doc Summit explores documentary industry issues through a series of presentations and discussions.

2017 Doc Summit

This year, Hot Docs is partnering with imagineNATIVE to focus on Indigenous stories and storytellers at this year’s Doc Summit.

Inspired by Screen Australia’s Pathways and Protocols: A Filmmaker’s Guide to Working with Indigenous People, Culture and Concepts, the imagineNATIVE is leading the creation of a similar document to provide protocols and guidance for working with Indigenous stories and storytellers in a Canadian context.

At Doc Summit, imagineNATIVE will outline the guide’s upcoming process and need, and will hold a conversation around these issues with representatives from different parts of the Canadian documentary industry. The goal for the session is to offer industry members initial steps forward when working with Indigenous stories and storytellers and to showcase and amplify some success stories of organizations, programs, films and filmmakers who are already working collaboratively and cohesively with Indigenous people and stories.

Monday, May 1

9:45–10:05 AM
imagineNATIVE’s artistic director, Jason Ryle and industry director Daniel Northway-Frank will establish a framework for the day’s discussions, and shed understanding of the documentary world from an Indigenous perspective in Canada. Through providing insights in their workings with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous screen-based creators, the duo will indicate the need and the process by which a new initiative by the organization, On-Screen Pathways & Protocols, will work to establish new and accountable frameworks for future productions in Canada with Indigenous stories and storytellers.

As artistic director, Jason Ryle has been with imagineNATIVE in varying capacities since 2002 and has guided the Festival to new heights unprecedented for an Aboriginal arts organization. He is a writer and filmmaker, has sat on the Board of Directors for Vtape, is an advisor for the NATIVe section of the Berlin International Film Festival and is also a script reader for the Harold Greenberg Fund.

Daniel Northway-Frank has been with imagineNATIVE since 2009. As industry director, Daniel Northway-Frank oversees all related funding, professional development and advocacy/research work. Daniel has previously worked in industry and programming at Hot Docs and TIFF, been on numerous juries including the TIFF Talent Lab, Telefilm Canada and CBC’s Short Film Face-Off.

10:05–10:25 AM
From award-winning film to VR work, Lisa Jackson’s prolific, eclectic and unparalleled storytelling career with Indigenous subject matter has forged new practical and philosophical understanding with both non-Indigenous producers and Indigenous communities. Jackson will discuss considerations, and perspective for the documentary form from all sides of the creative collaboration.

10:25–10:45 AM
Through her creative work Birth of a Family filmmaker Tasha Hubbard (Cree) has first-hand experience the considerations needed from working within and outside her reserve with Indigenous subjects on a variety of subjects. Through success and challenges, we’ll understand the code of conduct she has developed uses as an awareness-building tool for media content creators.

Tasha Hubbard is a writer, filmmaker, and an assistant professor at the University of Saskatchewan. Her first film Two Worlds Colliding won the Canada Award at the 2005 Geminis. She also recently completed an NFB-produced feature documentary called Birth of a Family, about a 60s Scoop family united for the first time.

10:45–11:10 AM
It’s 2017 and funding and production decision makers - from commissioning editors to funding agencies - are ensuring meaningful relationship building with Indigenous creatives and subject matter in the work they support. Lesley Birchard and Charlotte Engel from CBC Docs will bring the broadcaster mindset and processes they’re undertaking for evaluating and ensuring collaboration and authenticity in their Indigenous productions.

Charlotte Engel is award winning filmmaker and broadcaster located in Toronto. She currently oversees CBC’s point-of-view documentary series Firsthand. She sat on the board of imagineNATIVE for 10 years and remains committed to indigenous storytelling.

Lesley Birchard is an executive in Charge of Programming for CBC Docs, where she oversees the new digital strand Short Docs, which features short, point of view documentaries from Canada’s emerging documentary filmmakers.

11:05–11:50 AM
Reflections on our earlier discussions will lead to a group discussion about some of the creative, cultural and industry requirements to get a documentary work completed—navigating a balance between artistic vision and rights and respect for Indigenous protocols. The floor will be opened to interactions with the audience and conclude with some recommendations for filmmakers to take with their new projects.

Supported by Inspirit Foundation.

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