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Interview with MAGALUF GHOST TOWN director Miguel Ángel Blanca


Miguel Ángel Blanca’s Magaluf Ghost Town is about a small town on the island of Mallorca that is almost solely sustained by low-cost tourism. Walking a fine line between the playful and the morbid, it is an atmospheric look at the lives of locals

Interview with ZUHUR'S DAUGHTERS director Laurentia Genske


Zuhur’s Daughters is an observational film about two Syrian sisters living in Germany. Both are teens coming into their trans identities while living in the familial home. Watch it at Hot Docs Festival, streaming across Canada from April 29 to May

Interview with FRUITS OF LABOR director Emily Cohen Ibañez


Fruits of Labor follows Ashley, a high school student in an agricultural town on the central coast of California, who faces the burden of being the family breadwinner, as well as the threat of separation from her undocumented mother as ICE raids

Interview with KÍMMAPIIYIPITSSINI: THE MEANING OF EMPATHY director Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers


Kímmapiiyipitssini: The Meaning of Empathy is an ambitious documentary from fiction and documentary director Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers. The film explores how Canada’s historic and current colonial project has led to a substance abuse crisis that

Interview with DROPSTONES director Caitlin Durlak


Dropstones, the directorial debut feature from Toronto filmmaker Caitlin Durlak, is a meditative, observational film about a single mom named Sonya and her two young boys who live on Fogo Island, off the coast of Newfoundland. Watch it at Hot Docs

Interview with A.RTIFICIAL I.MMORTALITY director Ann Shin


Ann Shin, director of Hot Docs 2021 opening night film A.rtificial I.mmortality, explores if A.I. technology can replicate the human brain enough to let us exist after death, and if technology can generate “immortality.” Watch it at Hot Docs

25 Years of Hot Docs: 112 WEDDINGS


To celebrate 25 years, Hot Docs Jots explores the legacy of former Hot Docs Forum projects. In our first 25 Years of Hot Docs, we talk to Doug Block about pitching his crowd-pleasing 112 Weddings at the 2012 Hot Docs Forum and his personal film 51

Watch the Online Release of Andrew Moir's Short Film: Babe, I Hate to Go


Hot Docs Deal Maker and Corus-Hot Docs Development Fund alum Andrew Moir talks about dealing with mortality in his CBC Short Doc and Hot Docs 2017 official selection Babe, I Hate to Go. Watch the film on CBC Short Docs. HD: What is Babe, I Hate to

Ali Weinstein and Caitlin Durlak talk about MERMAIDS


Director Ali Weinstein and producer Caitlin Durlak on running with the momentum of their first feature film Mermaids. Hot Docs: What do you think audiences will take away from Mermaids? Caitlin Durlak: For anybody who is at a crossroads in their

Hot Docs-Blue Ice Group Documentary Fund Recipient and Mentee Sihle Hlophe Takes us on her Journey from South Africa to Hot Docs.


It was around this time last year that I began preparing my application for the Hot Docs-Blue Ice Group Documentary Fund development grant. At the time, I was cautiously optimistic. I knew that I had a solid story, but I was also aware that

Soko Sam on being a Hot Docs-Blue Ice Group Documentary Fund recipient and festival mentee


Soko Sam is a 2017 Hot Docs-Blue Ice Group Documentary Fund recipient and Festival mentee. He also pitched his project Softie in one-to-one Deal Maker meetings.  It was midday and I had missed a morning session on understanding the film festival

Director Jonathan Olshefski and Producer Sabrina Schmidt Gordon discuss process in QUEST


Hot Docs: What was it about the Rainey family that inspired you to follow them, and continued to inspire you for a decade? Jonathan Olshefski: In 2006, I was teaching a photography class in North Philly and one of my students told me about the

32 Pills: My Sister's Suicide - Director Hope Litoff and Producer Beth Levison on the ethics of the subject-filmmaker relationship and why documentary is better than fiction.


Hot Docs: What does it mean to direct such a personal story, and what does that practice look like? Hope Litoff: It was very difficult, probably more difficult than I ever expected it to be. I was really lucky to have Beth; cinematographer Dan

Bill Nye Comes to Hot Docs 2017


Directors David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg discuss Hot Docs 2017 official selection Bill Nye: Science Guy, what it’s like to work with one of the world’s most beloved scientists and the man behind the persona.

Hot Docs: Bill Nye is very

A Revolution in Four Seasons: Democracy, Feminism and A Western Lens


A Revolution in Four Seasons director Jessie Deeter speaks about the significance of the Tunisian Revolution on global democracy, the changing role of women in the Islamic world, and capturing those processes as a westerner.

HD: There are

Emerging Voices: Seeking Critical Feedback in a Country of Nice People


Hot Docs Jots presents Emerging Voices, where past Doc Accelerator participants discuss their experience with filmmaking and the doc industry. Applications for the 2019 Doc Accelerator lab are open, with a final deadline of January 17.

Cat Mills,

Tiffany Hsiung on her Breakout Debut The Apology


Tiffany Hsiung, director, writer and cinematographer of the The Apology, shares her process and the learning curves of a first-time filmmaker. The Apology is the story of women interned as sex slaves by the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II

The Peacemaker: A Debut Film and A Hardened Subject


This week we talk to James Demo about Hot Docs Forum 2013 project and Hot Docs official selection 2016 film The Peacemaker, on making your first film about a subject who struggles to connect.  Hot Docs: You followed Padraig (an international

In Conversation with Kirsten Johnson, Cameraperson


“These are the images that have marked me and keep me wondering still.”  The epigraph to Kirsten Johnson’s Cameraperson offers a momentary beat and silence which then tips us into haunting yet lovingly woven memoir of a cinematographer who has

Pete McCormack on Spirit Unforgettable and Making Films About People Close to His Heart


Hot Docs: Spirit Unforgettable had its world premiere at the 2016 Hot Docs Festival. In the film, emotions run high during your interviews with Spirit of the West lead singer John Mann and his bandmates. What was it like as a director to balance

Matt Gallagher and Cornelia Principe Talk How to Prepare for Prison, the Legal System and Activism


Director Matt Gallagher and producer Cornelia Principe join us to discuss their Hot Docs 2016 official selection How to Prepare for Prison, the story of three individuals awaiting their fate within the court system. They discussed filming subjects

Min Sook Lee and Lisa Valencia-Svensson on the Exploitation of Foreign Workers and the Need for Diverse Perspectives in Doc Filmmaking


Producer Lisa Valencia-Svensson and Director Min Sook Lee talk about the exploitation of temporary foreign workers in Canada in their new film Migrant Dreams, sharing their perspectives on the affect that lack of diversity in documentary

How to Build a Time Machine Filmmaker Jay Cheel on Obsession and Procedure


Filmmaker Jay Cheel has premiered two films at Hot Docs: Beauty Day in 2011 and How to Build a Time Machine this year. How to Build a Time Machine received Corus-Hot Docs Development funding in 2011, Completion funding in 2015 and launched Hot

Hot Docs Doc Accelerator Alumnus Jorge Armand Talks About Hybrid Cinema and Bringing his Film to Venice


Hot Docs 2014 Doc Accelerator alumnus Jorge Thielen Armand’s debut feature La Soledad, the story of a Caracas boy who discovers that the decrepit shanty he unlawfully occupies will soon be demolished, is an official selection at the 73rd Venice

Rama Thiaw: On Filmmaking in Post-Colonial Senegal and "Televising the Revolution"


Interview below in both French and English. Hot Docs: The Revolution Won’t be Televised was selected for the International Forum of New Cinema, considered the most daring section of the Berlinale. What makes the story you tell daring? Rama Thiaw:

Christy Garland on Cheer Up and on Upending the Traditional Sports Narrative


As we establish ourselves firmly in the deep summer of Toronto, Hot Docs mets up with Director and Producer Christy Garland to talk about her Festival pick Cheer Up, and the life-cycle of a film that began several years earlier, the way all

The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev - Filmmaker Interview


The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev is the story of a close but fraught musical family headed by a unrelenting patriarch and the unequal treatment he bestows on his grown children, daughter Ada and son Ariel. Subsequently, we see how that

"Outraged Women Have Motivated Us" - Quipu Project Interactive Walkthrough


Quipu Project weaves the narratives of the indigenous and poor women of Peru who underwent forced sterilization in the early 1990s under dictator Alberto Fujimori. Building on centuries of oral tradition, via the new frontier of immersive

Before Beyoncé There Was Tempest Storm: A Filmmaker Interview


This week we speak to director/producer Nimisha Mukerji and producer Kaitlyn Regehr about  2016 Hot Docs official selection Tempest Storm (Shot Glass Productions) and the film’s namesake: America’s oldest living sex icon. In honour of the

Living With Giants: The Filmmaker Interview


This week Hot Docs Jots is joined by the three person team behind the stark and beautiful Living With Giants, a portrait of an Inuk teenager named Paulusie who yearns for his independence while faltering along the way. We speak to co-directors 

Spectres of Shortwave: An Interview with Amanda Dawn Christie


Amanda Dawn Christie is an interdisciplinary artist working in film, video, performance, photography and electro-acoustic sound design. In 2014, she received Shaw Media-Hot Docs funding for her first feature documentary Spectres of Shortwave, an

MY ENEMY, MY BROTHER Short Documentary Makes Oscar Shortlist


This week, we’re joined by the team behind My Enemy, My Brother, shortlisted for an Academy Award in the Documentary Short Subject category. Director Ann Shin, executive producer Melanie Horkan and production manager Hannah Donegan walk us through

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